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Your Signature Style – the freedom to be yourself


Do you know these terms, into which we interpret such a great meaning, that we don’t even dare to deal with them? Signature Style is such a term. Especially here in Germany this term seems to be emotionally charged. I know many people who don’t want to step out of line or stand out unpleasantly – and that could happen if you express your personality through your clothing. I know this feeling, because as a young girl I really wanted to belong. With my different appearance, I was taught from an early age to be different and not part of society. In addition, my mother had clear ideas about how I should be and both my appearance and my behavior did not fit into this image. Being made to feel not “right” from all sides led me to conform at all costs to be part of the group and to be loved. But the result was that, despite my efforts, I neither belonged nor received recognition from my mother.

l'amour est bleu Signature Style

In search of myself

After several years of trying in vain to meet the demands of those around me, I eventually gave up. I accepted that I was and looked different. By accepting myself, I was finally able to start searching for the real me. I gradually began to be myself: Doing what I wanted and dressing the way I liked. My mother and my classmates made fun of me and laughed at me. But I remained true to myself and continued to discover myself and my style – and found myself more and more. People complimented me, told me how beautiful I was and how well I dressed. I lived out my talents and received recognition for them. I literally felt like the swan that had grown out of the ugly duckling. For the first time, I felt like I was seen for who I really was.

Your Signature Style is the expression of your personality, values and attitude towards life – a style that is as unique as your signature.

What does your Signature Style have to do with the authentic you?

Throughout my life, I lost and found myself multiple times. Society, family and friends put so much pressure on us that it is often hard for us to live our authentic selves. Some of us don’t even know who we are. I would like to encourage you to go in search of your authentic self. And since I am not a life coach, I want to help you by finding your Signature Style. Your Signature Style is the expression of your personality, values and attitude towards life – a style that is as unique as your signature. Living your authentic self means expressing yourself in every detail of your life. You are what you think, feel, say, do, eat and wear. With your Signature Style you can dress more mindfully, make more conscious buying decisions and be more yourself.

How do we find your Signature Style?

You’re probably wondering how you express your authentic self through your clothing style? Or you wonder what your authentic self is at all? In addition to the classic type consultation, which focuses on the color and body type, I would like to find your authentic self with you. We find the positive qualities that make you and your appearance. Together we will find out which things bring you joy and in which moments your heart soars. We will find out your values and the conditions you need for a happy life.

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