l'amour est bleu Signature Style Part I

Signature Style Part I – Your current look


Finally, the time has come! I’m looking forward to starting the Signature Style experiment with you. Every two weeks, you will find instructions here on the blog that will help you create your signature style. What your signature style is, you can read in the previous blog post.

1) Take a picture of your outfit every day for a week

First, let’s start by checking your current outfit status: Take a picture of your outfit every day for a week. You can do this in front of a mirror or with a self-timer. The important thing is that it is as uncomplicated as possible so you can do it quickly in the morning. Please take full body pictures of yourself because that’s the only way you can see your whole outfit. I honestly photographed my outfits over three weeks because I often wear the same outfit two days in a row. Please take pictures of outfits that you really like and wear regularly and don’t force yourself into combinations just to make the photo series more interesting. Please feel motivated to wear looks that you like to wear and that make you feel good but you haven’t had the opportunity, occasion, etc. to wear lately.

l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 1
l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 2
l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 3
l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 4
l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 5
l'amour est bleu - Signature Style Part I Look 6

2) Compare your outfits

Put your outfits side by side and compare them. You can develop the photos or do it digitally in PowerPoint or Canva. Look at your looks and write down on a piece of paper what you notice.

What do I notice about my looks?

It’s obvious that I love wearing dresses and skirts! And yes that’s right, I love them because I can highlight my feminine side with this look.

My favourite fashion silhouette is narrow at the top, flared at the hips and narrow accentuated legs – with my rather straight body type (chest, waist and hips are about the same width) this fashion silhouette creates a feminine shape.

Does this fashion silhouette suit me?

Yes, especially if the waist is set lower and the skirt is flared. How does this silhouette not work? As you can see from outfit 5, it doesn’t look good if the top ends at waist level and the skirt is only slightly flared. Outfit 6 also looks unflattering because the shape of the cardigan is bulky at the waist.

What about the other looks?

I like Outfit 2 with the wide trousers, especially the combination with the men’s shoes. My narrow ankles create an interesting contrast to the wide trousers and make the silhouette look slimmer. But the wide, rectangular silhouette looks unflattering because it makes my body look boxy.

Outfit 3 with the Louise dress in bordeaux and the waist accentuation by the statement belt works well. The dress is loose on the upper and lower body, so the waist accentuation works, creating an interesting silhouette contrast with the tight black longsleeve and overknees. The colour contrast makes the outfit interesting and flatters the figure.

3) And what do I do with this knowledge?

Am I now only allowed to wear dresses with a lowered waist and flared skirt? Absolutely not! If you feel like it, you can of course only wear a key look like Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld or Barack Obama. However, I prefer versatility and would like to show you how to create several key looks.

I’ll show you how to create favourable looks for your body type next time.

Are you now motivated to try the experiment yourself? I’m very excited to see your looks and would love if you shared your outfits on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #signaturestyle and tagged @lamour.est.bleu. You are also welcome to send me your outfits by email to service@lamourestbleu.com. I look forward to giving you a quick analysis of your outfits!

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