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Monthly essentials

After having paused the new category “Monthly essentials” for so long, I would like to revive it this due to the current situation. When I think about the fact that a large part of the world’s population is currently sitting at home because of Corona, it’s crazy on the one hand and on the other hand there has never been an event before that has connected so many people at the same time. I hope that we can all emerge from this crisis as unscathed as possible and perhaps even draw something valuable from it. To make your time at home more enjoyable, I share with you today my “stay-at-home essentials of the month”. Have a good time!

haevenlynnhealthy geröstete tomatensuppe mit roter beete


Anyone who has been following me for a while knows that I am a big fan of Lynn’s recipes. On food blogger Lynn shares delicious and healthy recipes, all of which are easy to recook. My current favorite is the roasted tomato soup with beetroot. Mine unfortunately doesn’t turn pink like Lynn’s, but it tastes so nice and aromatic and just feels good for the soul. Add a delicious bread and the evening is perfect. On Lynn’s site you will also find other recipes for the time at home…perfect for everyday life with family when you run out of recipe ideas.

Working moms


For those who have not seen it yet, I can only say: Absolutely recommendable! Even for non-mothers it is one of the funniest series I have seen in a long time. One thing in advance – the series is unrealistic, exaggerated and despite the title children are almost never present. But I laughed tears and I think it’s the perfect entertainment for the current time. So if you want to get away from the everyday madness in the evening, I can highly recommend this Canadian series. 


When the Corona crisis became severe, I was full of anxiety. I literally felt how I was agitated inside, couldn’t wind down and had difficulties falling asleep in the evening. Pranayama exercises helped me a lot to find my inner peace again. Pranayama are breathing techniques from yoga. I now do the alternating breathing every evening, which is explained in the video on the left. The alternating breathing helps you to shift emotional imbalance into the calm feeling of strength and power. Just try it, I hope it helps you too!

Stronger together


In the current crisis, especially small businesses are suffering. I don’t feel like going on a big shopping tour either and as a minimalist I am the last person who wants to encourage you to buy unnecessary things. But if you need something in the near future, be it cosmetics, fashion or anything else for everyday life, please remember to check out the small, local shops first before you go to the big established brands. At, Swantje from Nuicosmetics has teamed up with other small companies to help each other during this time. Feel free to stop by, maybe you will find something you need.


Parents are currently facing the big challenge of having to combine home office and childcare. At the same time, all playgrounds and leisure facilities are closed. The Emotion magazine has summarized good tips how parents can arrange the home office with their children.

How do I currently arrange working and family? Fortunately my husband can work in the home office and we have divided the day: Until 4 pm I take the kids while my husband works and after that we switch. Sometimes it works better, sometimes worse, but I am glad that we have found this arrangement.

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